With HERBALOGICA you could offer your guests a unique experience, that would make them feel special and pampered. Cosmetics are enriched with extracts of aloe vera, peppermint and olives. HERBALOGICA massage soap is made of vegetable oils and contains exfoliating fibers for gentle skin cleaning and blood stream stimulation. The fresh aroma of exotic verbena (Litsea cubeba) with relaxing effect, stimulates the quick recovery of body and senses.
Tinted bottles provide enhanced light protection for the natural cosmetic content. The line includes amenities in 100% recycled cardboard packaging, printed in bio inks, aiming to reduce negative impact on environment.
The cosmetics are paraben-free.



Bath care products in 30ml bottles
Revitalising shampoo with Aloe Vera extract
Energising shower gel with peppermint oil
Nourishing hair conditioner with olive oil
Hydrating body lotion with olive oil

Soaps in recycled cardboard boxes
Massage soap with exfoliating fibers 15g
Massage soap with exfoliating fibers 25g

Dental set
Shaving set

Amenities in recycled cardboard packaging, printed in bio inks
Shower cap
Vanity set (cotton pads + cotton swabs)
Cotton swabs
Sewing kit
Shoe polish

Complementary products
Bamboo amenity tray 22/13 cm

Ревитализиращ шампоан с екстракт от алое вера 30ml

Revitalising shampoo 30ml

Хидратиращ лосион за тяло с масло от маслина 30ml

Hydrating body lotion 30ml

Комплект за зъби

Dental set

Козметичен комплект (тампони грим+клечки за уши)

Vanity set

Поставка козметика Бамбук 22/13cm

Bamboo amenity tray 22/13 cm

Енергизиращ душ гел с ментово масло 30ml

Energising shower gel 30ml

Масажен сапун с фибри 15g

Massage soap with fibers 15g

Комплект за бръснене

Shaving set

Клечки за уши

Cotton swabs

Подхранващ кондиционер за коса с масло от маслина 30ml

Nourishing hair conditioner 30ml

Масажен сапун с фибри 25g

Massage soap with fibers 25g

Шапка за душ

Shower cap


Sewing kit