HERBAlogica – hotel bath care products with essential oils and plant extracts

HERBAlogica is one of our company lines designed for the ever-growing number of hoteliers with ECO awareness, wishing to offer a higher level of service. The hair and skin care products are enriched with extracts of aloe vera, peppermint and olive oils. The massage soap is made from vegetable oils and contains plant fibers that gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. The relaxing scent of exotic verbena (Litsea cubeba) revitalises body and senses. All bath care products are paraben-free, with neutral pH, not tested on animals. The line includes bathroom amenities packed in boxes, made of 100% recycled cardboard, printed in bio inks, aiming to reduce negative impact on the environment.

HERBAlogica is ideal for hotels, with strong desire to offer something exclusive to their guests, by embracing the growing interest in BIO products which are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to human skin and health.



Revitalising shampoo with aloe vera extract – 30 ml

Gently washes hair, leaving it soft and silky. Contains extract of aloe vera.
– Restores moisture and elasticity to the hair
– Adds natural luster and softness
– Paraben-free

Energising shower gel with peppermint oil – 30 ml

Suitable for all skin types, with invigorating extract of peppermint oil. Gently cleans the skin and stimulates its natural renewal process
– With abundant foam
– Stimulating scent
– Paraben-free

Nourishing hair conditioner with olive oil extract – 30 ml

Restores moisture and softness to your hair. Contains olive oil extract.
– Nourishing to the hair. Helps easy brushing
– Adds natural luster and softness
– Paraben-free

Hydrating body lotion with olive oil extract – 30 ml