Logomats  offers solutions for offices, shops, hotels and restaurants in order to create the best results based on the needs of its customers by offering high quality and taste, designed specifically for your input.

Use the input of your workplace creating impressive first impression on your visitors and creating a sense of harmony with the overall look.

Logomats always printed and cut according to individual specifications. The wide range of colors, which extends by mixing precise shades ensures accurate reproduction of any type of company logo, brand name or product. Thanks to modern processes of dyeing, not only can accurately reproduce characters, letters and graphics, but also can create and contours, shadowing and gradient colors.

Carpet bearing can be placed at any location, for example. directly in the input field as a means of strengthening the corporate image or a POS (point of sale) to serve as a carefully placed advertising tool. The additional strip along the width of the tread of 20-30 mm and material support of nitrile rubber non slip and offers effective protection against the risk of wear at the edges.

Carpet bearing comprises toughest space-age high quality nylon that ensures durability of the printed pattern, feels pleasant underfoot and provides excellent moisture absorbency.