About Us


The story begins in 1992.

Two years earlier, Dimitar Moskov was employed at a large international company and had extensive travels in Europe, America and Asia. He noticed the 5-star hotels he was visiting offered small amenities like cosmetics, soft slippers and sewing kits. This is how the personalized cosmetics and accessories idea was born. He quit the large company and founded Moskov and Son together with his wife.

The products were initially imported from Honkong and Turkey. In 1995, the company rented a small space and started its own production. The business grew and the rented spaces went from 100 m2 in 1995 to 1200 m2 in 2007.

In 2008, Moskov and Son began the construction of its own factory in Pernik and an office building in Sofia. The two projects were completed two years later and the new beginning turned into reality.



The team grew, we bought new machines and created new departments for product creation, logistics and quality control. Our goal was to turn the company into a major supplier for the hotel industry in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. We organized many appearances at specialized expos in Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania. We created a network of exclusive distributors on the Balkans. In 2016, we took part for the first time in a specialized expo in Portugal and the market met with enthusiasm our hotel lines with natural oils and extracts.



We carry on and believe every CLIENT deserves special treatment. This is why our commercial team and local representatives organize preliminary meetings at which they clarify the client’s specific wishes. We prepare several proposals which include visual designs and selection of content and fragrance. Our goal is for the developed products to fit with the hotel’s style and to give pleasant emotions to the guests.

Our success is born from our passion for our work and the team which works as a close-knit family. We create small items to give your guests big emotions. This is who we are.